Working  together...


I want to dedicate this page to all those who collaborate with us in a way or in another one, with their prayers, with their support, etc., for this Cause so deep in our hearts.


My friends...

We met by Internet a year and a half ago. Father Johan Goossens had already a website dedicated to "the smiling Pope". We started interchanging opinions, information. Each one had a story to tell: Fr. Johan, who was only 10 years old in 1978 when he saw Pope Luciani appearing as the new Chief of the Church, had felt inspired to follow his priestly vocation by his example. Regarding me, I was 17 years old then, the Pope' s appearance had changed my life, too: I went back to my religious practice that I had given up for five years. From 1978 till today, I was dedicated to study John Paul I' s figure and to pick up all kind of information: newspapers, books, magazines, trips to Italy. After meeting Fr. Johan, I also contacted another person via Internet: Dr. Margaret A. Tierney, who had received the inspiration of promoting Pope Luciani' s Cause of Beatification and who was searching for a Priest who could help her. And she found it. Later, I knew that Priest was Fr. Johan. That is how I decided to give them both all my help. For us, there is no doubt Pope Luciani is a beautiful example of holiness for the present world. Dr. Tierney has a website dedicated to this Cause of Beatification where we can find some miracles and favours received and also a link where it is possible to sign the Petition for the Beatification of Pope Luciani. More than 800 signatures world-wide have already been picked up and also messages that people leave as a token of love and veneration towards his figure.

Dr. Tierney is sending John Paul' s I Relic-cards to those who request them. Many people have already received the gift of healing. At the same time, these Relic-cards are distributed by collaborators world-wide: 80 persons in 21 countries, which ages go from 12 up to 87 years old. The above mentioned countries are: Italy, Spain, Ireland, Chile, Argentina, Malta, Indonesia, United States, China (Hong Kong), England, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Russia, Peru, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, France, Arabian Emirates and Wales. The devotion for Pope Luciani is growing day by day. Dr. Tierney has already sent letters to the Holy Father, to the Cardinals, to the Bishop of Belluno (Pope Luciani' s native diocese) requesting the introduction of the Diocesan Process. Several Cardinals have already answered by supporting this request. One of them asked us all the information we could send him which was sent him at once. All this can be seen on Dr. Tierney' s website.

Besides, at the end of the last year, inspired by this activity that was appearing on Internet, thanks to a young man, Massimiliano Piovesan, there was founded "Amici di Papa Luciani” (Friends of Pope Luciani), an association that tries to gather all those who love and venerate John Paul I' s figure and to promote his example and, certainly, the Cause of Beatification. Many people have already joined us and the list also includes some Bishops. Every year, at the church of the Pope' s native village, Canale D ' Agordo, on August 26th, a Mass is celebrated in memory of the anniversary of his election and the Bishop of Belluno, who usually celebrates that Mass, receives a list of persons who sign the Petition for the Beatification: this year, there were 4,000. Previously, it had already been picked up 150,000. This village, at the Dolomites Alps foot, has become a world-wide centre of pilgrimage. But this time, the wishes of people from the whole world, it is clear, have become more and more insistent. There are more than enough evidences of miraculous healings. The last one we could know is due to the fact that the person involved in the miracle has contacted Dr. Tierney, on August 2001. It happened in 1982:  Pope Luciani, dressed as a simple Priest, appeared to a Canadian woman, who had a tumour in the brain and was about to be operated. He gave her the Holy Communion. Later, when the surgeons opened her head to operate, the tumour... had disappeared. On my website, you can see lots of testimonies about miraculous healings, conversions, priestly vocations.

We hope, with God' s help, the Diocesan Process can be introduced, soon.

I thank God for this work, for these friends, for all the good that I receive day after day...  

Gloria C. Molinari

September 2001






The letter reported above is dated September 2001. It's a letter that I have only left as a part of History. Since then, many things have changed. The process of Beatification will officially start on November 23th, 2003, after having received the nihil obstat by the Vatican authorities. Every report of graces received by the intercession of John Paul I, eventual offerings and every request of info must ONLY be addressed to:


All the faith are requested to avoid distributing relic-cards without the ecclesiastical authority approval. More info:


The author

October 2003




Dr. Margaret A. Tierney - Irish, artist, writer, musician. Died on August 19th, 2005.



Massimiliano Piovesan - Italian, technician at an agricultural machinery factory,  President of the Pastoral Council of the diocese of Padova. Coordinator of "Amici di Papa Luciani".


Father Johan Goossens - Belgian, Priest of the Norbertines Order (Premontré). He works at the Belgian parish of Grimbergen.


Gloria C. Molinari - Argentinian, Merchant Marine Radio Officer. Tireless traveller, amateur photographer, sportswoman. Collaborator of "Amici di Papa Luciani".



Father Johan Goossens at Canale D ' Agordo with Pope Luciani' s relatives,  March, 2001





Massimiliano Piovesan with his wife Lucia





The author with Dr. Margaret Tierney, in Ireland, April 2001




With the Pope



Fr. Johan Goossens





Massimiliano Piovesan with his wife Lucia




The author during the Mass celebrated for the

VIII Anniversary of death of Popes Paul VI and John Paul I  

(September 28th, 1986)




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