John Paul I and the Press



Albino Luciani said that, if he had not been a Priest, he would have been a journalist. But, certainly a journalist he was since when only a young Priest, when he used to write articles for several newspapers. We remember, as a Patriarch, he wrote for 'Il Gazzettino' of Venice, and  'Saint Anthony’s Messenger'  - with his very well-known letters addressed to different historical prominent figures, which were then gathered in his famous book " The Most illustrious Gentlemen ". Therefore, it is possible to say that it had not been a frustrated vocation, but developed together with his priestly vocation.

Now there will be reproduced here some articles from the Argentine and Italian press, first pages of newspapers and international magazines about his election to Peter’s See, other facts of the Pontificate and about his death.

John Paul I and the journalists, his colleagues... He has met them in audience on Friday, September 1st, 1978. Unforgettable meeting... An Argentinian journalist reports on the audience and also gives a nice description of how he sees the new Pope, just about him who had said that sometimes journalists were hanging-about for things of  less importance in the Church. But, I think the Pope will have 'excused' this journalist this time. (See ' The Pope seen closely ').

Gloria C. Molinari


First Pages of Argentinian Newspapers

Magazines Covers

Articles from the Argentinian press (Part I)

- A Patriarch who rode on bicycle

- "We want peace and a new order, more just and more sincere "

- " Habemus Papam " I

- " Habemus Papam " II

- Here was born the Pope who laughs

- John Paul I before the press – A thousand journalists

- The Pope seen closely 

Articles from the Argentinian press (Part II)

  John Paul I and Argentina


- John Paul I is not Argentinian because of the First World War

-  John Paul I’s relatives in Argentina

- John Paul I and  peace

- " Msgr. Luciani was my Bishop "

- 600.000 young people in Luján (IV Peregrination of Young People of Buenos Aires to the Virgin of Luján’s Sanctuary)  

Articles from the Argentinian press (Part III) 

- John Paul I before the public opinion (Testimonies gathered on the occasion of the Holy Father’s death)

- The Smiling Pope

- Interview to Cardinal Raúl F. Primatesta, Archbishop of Córdoba and  President of the Argentinian Episcopal Conference

- An indelible recollection 

Articles from the Italian press

- His last caress


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