Note from the author 


The intention of this site is to pay tribute to a person whom the Lord placed in the Church to illuminate it, to guide it, to be an example of Christian life, Sanctity, humility. The day of Pope Luciani’s funeral, Cardinal Confalonieri said " he has passed through the Church and the world as a vertiginous comet that leaves a flash of inextinguishable light, like a lightning of hope that leaves the hearts ignited ... "

What has this 'comet of God' left while passing ? He left us with the desire of being better, of loving the Lord, the Church, our neighbour, more. There are stories of calls to the Priesthood, favours received by his intercession, healings, conversions. And this last one touches me very closely, since I was almost five years away from the Church. From his Pontificate, his example, my life changed and, since then, I never left my Catholic faith again.

I want to thank God for having placed John Paul I like a teacher and Shepherd of Holy Mother Church.

Who can say that those 33 days were not necessary? " My ways are not your ways", says the Lord.

Gloria C. Molinari




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