Anecdotes and Testimonies of Pope Luciani





The simplicity, the warmth, the sympathy, the sense of humour, the joke at hand, amongst other things, have been typical particulars of John Paul I’s personality. To know more of this man of God, I offer you this compilation of episodes of his life, told by those who were close to him.

 They are very fresh anecdotes that want to extract a smile because Albino Luciani's life has been interwoven, flavoured with facts common to all of us and  also to persons who cover important charges in the Church or in the world.

 I have selected these anecdotes from 'Pope Luciani - Humilitas Magazine' and from another sources. I hope that they will be useful to help all love more this resplendent light created by God the Father from the whole eternity.Gloria C

Gloria C. Molinari




Part I


Part II


Part III


Part IV


Part V


Part VI


Part VII




Part IX


Part X


Part XI


                              Part XII      (added 15/03/2004)


                              Part XIII     (added 15/03/2004)


                               Part XIV     (added 15/03/2004)


                               Part XV      (added 21/04/2004)



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