John Paul I' s Pontifical coat of arms: The background is blue with the Italian mountains of six pieces in silver, 3, 2, 1, with movement from the top and crowned by three golden stars of five ends; the Patriarchal See of Saint Mark: background silver-plated with the winged lion (natural) holding a book with the front paw with the legend: 'PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEUS'.

He was 33 days on St. Peter's Throne. 

However, he left an unforgetable track in the Church

and in the world.


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Beatification and Favours Granted - (End of the Diocesan Process)   (updated 02/11/2008)

Note from the Author




The Pope's Voice in four Languages

Anecdotes and Testimonies

John Paul I and the Press

The Conclave: August 25th - 26th 1978

Pope Luciani's Family at Canale D'Agordo

Centro Papa Luciani

'Humilitas' (Centro Papa Luciani's Magazine)


Working together

Amici di Papa Luciani Fans Club

Website 'Johannes Paulus I'- Fr. J. Goossens






"God's smile" -  produced by RAI (in Italian)

Part I

Part II













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